Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is a real buzz phrase in the SEO community these days. The rapid rise of sites like Myspace, Facebook and others have led to their use by companies for branding and marketing, especially for the much sought after college aged demographic.

For anyone that has read the book Tipping Point, you can see the distinct advantages of viral marketing on social networking sites. If you can get a small group of people with many online friends to add your branded material to their personal page, the domino effect will begin.

How can your business reach out to these people? There are many ways. You could create a facebook application or design a free myspace theme centered around your business. There are literally hundreds of ways to get your material in front of thousands of eyes on a daily basis for a very low cost.

If viral marketing isn’t currently a piece of your online marketing plan, it certainly should be. Think about ways your company can get creative and going the social networking frenzy.

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